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I'm Josh. I enjoy pizza and comedy. I haven't been to space, yet. When I was in grade school I made a burrito out of leftover lasagna and a tortilla. After that happened I knew I had peaked too early. Some people resemble a ninja turtle, but it's not polite to tell them. I found that out the hard way. As an adult I became fully aware of the consequences, but if they ever develop the technology to actually have a Jurassic Park, I’m still 100% onboard. I work in the audio industry, and I'm immensely thankful quicksand isn't as big of a problem as I had previously believed. Tony Robbins once said "Your imagination is the limit." That's just a fancy way of saying that you don't believe in physics, and that's dumb. 

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VM- ‪(937) 701-7485‬

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